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Moving On Up With Tennis

promotes physical and mental development through tennis and education for youth ages 6 - 17 in the greater Springfield area.

Our Vision

is to positively influence lives and to support the community through role modeling, integrity, teamwork, respect, empowerment, diversity and fun activities. Positively affecting one child can lead to strengthening one family
which helps to sustain the community.

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Boy Holding Racket
In The News
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¨This program is amazing! The instructors are warm and helpful (and to think that they are volunteering!) This is a great way to get the community together on a weekly basis and for our kids to make new friends from new neighborhoods and circles! We need more programs like this; great quality, organization, and concern for our youth. My daughter loves coming and so do I! Plus it gets her moving and learning a great sport. I am so grateful for this program.¨

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